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7 Clever Ways to Make a Small Bathroom Feel Bigger

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

When the master bathroom is small, it can be inconvenient. If knocking down walls or extending your bathroom isn’t an option, you need these tips…

#1 Same coloured walls and ceiling with low-contrast tiling colour

We know that lighter colours make a room feel bigger and more open but these clever tips will help the small bathroom feel taller and wider.

  • Painting the ceiling the same colour as the walls stops there being a ‘boundary’ between walls and ceiling
  • Instead of choosing a darker tile, opt for a light coloured tile that has a low contrast between it and the wall colour

#2 Tile up the ceiling in the shower cubicle or over the bath

As soon as there is an edge, there is clutter and that means a transition in colour and texture. All this detail adds clutter to a small room and so remove as many of these edges as possible. And that means tiling up to the ceiling.

#3 Minimise transitions of colour and materials

The more you ‘bleed’ or fuse the transition between both colour and material in the smaller bathroom the better.

For some small bathrooms, the best solution is to tile the floor, walls and ceiling, creating a seamless finish to the entire room. If you feel this is too dull and won’t satisfy your need to change the look of your bathroom from time to time, leaving wall space to paint is a great move.

But keep an eye on the transitions between materials and colour. In other words, don’t make the bathroom too fussy in terms of the tiling pattern and décor, extending the tiles as much as you can on walls and sticking with minimal changes between the floor and walls tiles too.

#4 Opt for see-through glass shower screen

Ditch the fluff of the shower curtain and opt instead for a glass shower screen. A top tip is to opt for a clear glass screen as this allows the eye to enjoy the entire room without an opaque or frosted glass screen obscuring vision.

#5 You can never have too many mirrors

The key to making any room seem larger is mirrors. When you walk into some small hotel bathrooms, they can feel much bigger than your bathroom at home – the simple reason for this is a large mirror (and it’s really that simple!).

Opt for a mirror that fills the entire wall and if you are very keen on minimising clutter in the bathroom, opt for a mirror with no frame. But frankly, you can’t have too many mirrors in the bathroom.

#6 Put doors on shelving and cupboards

The more streamlined your bathroom storage, the less cluttered the smaller bathroom will look. Utilise recesses for shelving so that you don’t have anything protruding out into the room.

#7 Bigger bathroom window for more light

If your budget is tight but you can afford to make one structural change, increasing more natural light with a bigger/taller/wider window, if you can, is a move you won’t regret.

Sometimes, you got to love what you have and with our clever design team on hand, your small bathroom will be stylish and practical. Call into our showroom open 7 days a week – find us at 9 – 11 Colquhoun Avenue, Hillington, Glasgow G52 4BN – or book an appointment by calling us on 0141 882 7799.



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