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How to Choose the Right Bathroom Sink

Thursday, February 21, 2019

Sink, washbasin or washbowl, call it what you will but along with the bath, shower and the toilet, the washbasin is the other important furniture consideration. We take a look at eight styles of bathroom sink, helping you to decide which is the better option for you.

#1 The statement bathroom sink

Standing proud on the countertop, the top mount sink is a delight. Easy and quick to install, it sits atop of the bathroom countertop, making a grand statement. There are many different styles including a square sink or a deep, round washbowl. Whichever style you choose, if you want a little more height to your sink, then this is a great option.

#2 The recessed bathroom basin

For the busy family bathroom, this is surely one of the best options. The bathroom sink is fitted below the countertop, giving not only a smooth, clean appearance but great for keeping clean (just wipe anything spilt on the countertop into the sink).

If you have a small bathroom, this works a treat too but this isn’t always a great mix with all countertop materials. Can be at the higher end of the budget too.

#3 The wall mounted bathroom sink

Fixed directly onto the wall, there is a streamlined appearance to this sink that makes it a popular choice for the modern bathroom. But if you want the clean look, all pipework needs to be hidden behind the wall unless, that is, you are opting for the Victorian look with exposed metal pipework.

Not such a great option if you really need storage under the sink. Great for the smaller cloakroom too.

#4 The pedestal sink

A pedestal sink is a great alternative to the wall sink when the pipework can’t be hidden in the wall as the pedestal does this for you. It has a beautiful classic vibe although you lose under the sink storage with this design.

If you want a modern washbasin with a nod to a by-gone era, there are many delightful pedestal bathroom sinks to choose from.

#5 The semi-recessed bathroom sink

You get the streamlined appearance of a sunken bathroom sink but also gain under sink storage as this semi-recessed bathroom basin needs to sit on some kind of vanity unit.

For the family bathroom, this is ideal as it is for those with limited mobility and looking for a universal design because you can get closer to this sink that most of the others. 

As bathroom sinks go, this is the all-round favourite.

#6 The ‘wash plane’ sink

As you can imagine, this strip of a washbasin is slimline, sleek, stylish and very modern. If you like the cutting edge of design and don’t need or want deep bowls of hot soapy water, this is the perfect choice for you.

Perhaps not so great for the family bathroom, who says that the downstairs toilet can’t have a statement piece? Keep the tap streamlined and you have the look!

#7 The washbowl

Again, its name is an apt description of what it is – a deep bowl that normally sits on top of the countertop.

These beautiful vessels are hotly tipped for being the trend in washbasins in the coming year and no wonder. There is an untainted luxury and opulence to a deep, deep bowl of hot water for your morning wash or shave.

As well as white, there are also some black ceramic washbowls coming to the market and so if you want to make a statement in your bathroom, whether that is the family bathroom or the en-suite, the washbowl is the step to take.

#8 The All-in-one basin and vanity unit

For the smaller bathroom, or where space is limited under eaves etc., this combination approach has proved a shrewd move. The complete unit is wall mounted, with the storage a welcome bonus and a relatively deep sink for all your ablutions.

The space under the sink also means that you can stand closer, a component of universal design in a bathroom and thus the combination vanity unit and washbasin is a popular choice.

Struggling to make your choice of bathroom sink? Pop along to our showroom at 9 – 11 Colquhoun Avenue, Hillington, Glasgow G52 4BN to take a look at what we have on offer. Alternatively, book an appointment with our design team by calling us on 0141 882 7799.





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