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How To Plan And Decorate Your Bathroom

Thursday, January 31, 2019

It’s an important room and yet, we probably spend less time planning the decoration and final style of the bathroom than we do for other rooms in our home. But what do you need to consider?

1.Assess your needs

The bathroom needs to meet the needs of everyone who uses it. As your family grow, the final appeal of the bathroom can change too. Start by considering what you want and need the bathroom to be – is it a luxury haven with a spa-like appeal or a busy family bathroom, safe for kids to use?

2.Does the layout really need changing?

Renovating the bathroom becomes instantly more expensive the moment you start to move items within the layout. From relocating the washbasin to moving the toilet, fixed objects in the bathroom require piping to be relocated and this means bigger renovation costs. Unless there is a huge issue with where the bath, basin, shower and toilet are or you have a big(ger) budget, then leave the layout untouched.

3.Be inspired

On one hand, it seems easy to renovate a bathroom – a white bathroom suite with functional accessories and neutral tiling will do the trick. But if you feel it needs more character or want the style of the bathroom to match the style and appeal of your home, then a bit of research can go a long way. And who says you can’t have the latest on-trend bathroom with statement wallpaper and tiling?

4.Be realistic with space

Yes, we know ‘his and her’ washbasins are all the rage and a freestanding bath with claw feet is a must along with exposed pipework but if your bathroom is on the bijou side then fitting all this in will be problematic. And even if the small space can accommodate it all, will it look cluttered? If the answer is yes, then you need to consider which is the must-have in your bathroom and what fits the space best. Having said that, a freestanding bathtub can be a great addition for the smaller bathroom…

5.Warmth and ventilation

No one wants to linger in a cold bathroom and no one wants to be constantly wiping down bathroom walls from lack of adequate ventilation. Both warmth and ventilation are two important factors in a bathroom thus if both need an update, consider your options for bathroom heating as well as ventilation, and then factor this into your bathroom decoration budget.

6.Storage is a must too!

With such a tight space you can be forgiven for assuming that keeping it as sparse as possible is the solution but as we all know, storage in a bathroom is essential. But getting it right is just as important. There are various options from open storage to streamlined vanity units.

7.Update bathroom lighting while you have the chance

Again one of the hardest features to update is bathroom lighting so whilst you have the opportunity, call in the services of a qualified electrician and banish the shadows from the bathroom with bright bathroom lighting!

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